Release day tomorrow – one day left to win a free copy

So, tomorrow’s the big day – the product of 2 years hard work, stress, struggle and oddly twisted fun in tormenting my book’s characters emotionally and physically.

Thank you everyone who’s pre-ordered an eBook or bought a print copy – it’s always taking a chance buying a book from an unknown author, especially one with no laurels or plaudits from bigger names, and I’m eternally grateful for everyone who has because you’ve made it all worthwhile – I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on my writing!

For those of you taking part in my giveaway – thank you for helping to expose my book to a larger audience. Something indie authors like myself struggle with is getting noticed (as there’s literally about a million of us all clamoring for attention at the same time), so I’m deeply grateful for everyone who’s helped to get my writing a little more attention.

There’s one day left for anyone who wants to still give it a go – I’ll be trawling through Facebook¬†tomorrow and tallying everything up. It’s still pretty close as to who is getting the print copy, so it’ll be interesting to see who has the edge come tomorrow evening.

I’ll be declaring the winner on here and Facebook at 6pm tomorrow – so keep your eyes peeled.


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