Forsaken by Eric S. Fomley

forsaken by Eric Fomley

So I’ve been meaning to post this for ages (again, I’ve been busy sorry, I work too dang much), and finally got the time to do it tonight. So! From Goodreads:

An uber-short piece of gristly grimdark flash-fiction by Eric Fomley, and while I’m not normally one for short stories (my read history will point you in the general direction of the sprawling tomes I usually drift towards) I was very, very impressed by Forsaken. Consider me swayed to Team Short Story!

Eric’s first installment in what I’m hoping will be a long series is like a short, sharp shock, a lightning bolt of action, violence and bloodshed where the reader is thrust right into the middle of the goings-on. It’s graphic, visceral and overall extremely intense. I’m a sucker for brutally violent scenes and there’s plenty in Forsaken right from the off.

The world of this book is told more through glimpses and suggestion, and it very much reads episodically to me, almost like the pilot episode to a TV series in a lot of ways.

Eric has a knack for interweaving important plot dialogue around and between scenes of colourful, chaotic violence, and overall I found Forsaken extremely entertaining. I’ll be picking up the second book, Stormwitch, soon, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this series develops.



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