Editorial and Proofreading Services

An area many fledgling indie authors’ books suffer in is their lack of proper proofreading and editing. Everyone knows that a properly edited and proofread book reads much better than an unedited one, but the price barrier is something that puts off most beginning authors who don’t want to, and often can’t afford to shell out for these services to polish their book up before they put it out for the world to see.

So, in answer to this and to help out my fellow struggling indies, I’m willing to offer my own editorial and proof-reading services for a hell of a lot less than the industry standard (which is £22.75 p/h for proofreading, £26.50 p/h for copy-editing, and £30.50 for substantial editing, rewriting and development editing).

For indie authors, I’ll be working on a sliding scale depending on how big your work is, charging per word. Basically, the longer the book, the less I charge per word. Pricing is  as thus according to word count:

0-80,000 words: 0.125p per word (yes, that’s one eighth of a penny per word)

80,001-150,000 words: 0.120p per word

150,001+ words: 0.115p per word

I’ll be taking payments through PayPal (frankyethmaythe@gmail.com) and I’m willing to arrange things like 50% up front, 50% later, pay in stages etc to help out anyone who’s short of cash or needs to break it up into chunks. Like I said, I want to help out my fellow indie authors.


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