To Brave the End paperback cover 

Ok, so it took all night but I finally got the internal map and paperback cover done for this month’s release.

So behold! There’s several weeks of toil, sweat and frustration in this, I’m no artist, after all. But in the absence of a budget to hire one for so short a book im happy with the result I’ve achieved (and extremely thankful for photoshop).

Paperback copies of To Brave the End will be up for sale on the 28th February 🙂 the eBook is already up for preorder for 99p, and I’ll be offering some limited free copies to people willing to read and review it for me too 🙂

To Brave the End – release date 28th February 2017


Hello there! I that I’ve been silent the last few months on the blogging front. The end of 2016 was a mad scramble of adjusting to a new job and then adjusting to the ridiculous amounts of overtime I agreed to in said job (money calls and what have you), whilst also trying to write and finish up my first standalone novel – To Brave the End.

Finally though, I can say it’s finished and is now available to pre-order on amazon here for 99p.

The book will be released on the 28th of February in eBook and paperback formats on Amazon and other retailers, and I’ll be posting some updated pics of the internal map I’ve finally finished soon too.

Anyone who pre-ordered The Shadow of the High King last year please get in touch with me, as I’ll be giving you a free copy of To Brave the End  as my way of saying thank you for your support!

Review of The Shadow of the High King by Frank Dorrian

A very flattering review of my first novel, The Shadow of the High King, by Carlton Rolle. Thanks again!


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Reviewed by Carlton Rolle

Frank Dorrian was born in 1987 in Liverpool – his hometown, a post-industrial cityscape, served as poignant inspiration for his creative efforts. He would commence writing in earnest during his teenage years, composing stories to sate desires of both expression and introspection.

Today, Frank is a qualified mental health nurse. He works in the field with people suffering severe psychiatric and psychological disorders, and additionally offers private mind coaching sessions for those needing a refreshing take on life’s trials. When not writing, Frank spends his spare time reading, playing computer games, and attending a martial arts gym. He has previously competed as a fighter domestically in the UK and abroad in Thailand.

The Shadow of the High King is Dorrian’s first book. It follows events within the…

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Writing News and Next Release

So, I’ve been totally silent regarding writing developments over the last two months since I released The Shadow of the High King. My apologies, as I’ve been undergoing a complete and utter change of career since late August.

But, I’m quite happy to announce that while I’m currently working on the follow up to The Shadow of the High King, I will be occasionally releasing shorter fiction set in the same universe and feature characters and factions from the Weaving Shadows trilogy.

The first of these is a novelette entitled To Brave the End (behold the cover above!), and will be released in late November/early December on Amazon in eBook format (and a few other retailers) for 99p.

For those of you who’ve read the book, or are still reading it, To Brave the End will tell the story of Red Harry of the Blackshield Dogs and how he earned his name.

For those of you who preordered The Shadow of the High King, the eBook is free of charge as a small thank you from me for your valued support. I’ll be emailing you all on release day (those of you who’ve given me your emails) regarding it, and anyone who’s email I haven’t got, please feel free to drop me a message to claim your copy.

1 Week Since Release

So, The Shadow of the High King has been out for a week today, and I couldn’t have asked for things to go better! People are buying and reading the book, I’m getting great feedback from all sources and it was #9 in Amazon’s Top Ten Celtic Fantasy books until this weekend (it’s currently still #25)- so thank you everyone who’s bought a copy so far!

I’ve had reviews starting to come through from people who’ve read the book, and I’ve had some glowing praise from my readers, and have kept up a nice little 5 star streak I’ve held since James A. Hunter first reviewed my book on his blog (HERE in case you missed it first time around).

Thank you again everyone, you’ve made the book already more successful than I ever imagined it would be, I’m looking forward to what the future holds for it, and I’m hard at work on my next couple of books that will be out in the next year or so – one of which is, of course, Book Two of The Weaving Shadows.

And for anyone who’s interested or considering buying the book, you can see some of the reviews it’s received below, and you can buy it HERE.


Release day tomorrow – one day left to win a free copy

So, tomorrow’s the big day – the product of 2 years hard work, stress, struggle and oddly twisted fun in tormenting my book’s characters emotionally and physically.

Thank you everyone who’s pre-ordered an eBook or bought a print copy – it’s always taking a chance buying a book from an unknown author, especially one with no laurels or plaudits from bigger names, and I’m eternally grateful for everyone who has because you’ve made it all worthwhile – I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on my writing!

For those of you taking part in my giveaway – thank you for helping to expose my book to a larger audience. Something indie authors like myself struggle with is getting noticed (as there’s literally about a million of us all clamoring for attention at the same time), so I’m deeply grateful for everyone who’s helped to get my writing a little more attention.

There’s one day left for anyone who wants to still give it a go – I’ll be trawling through Facebook tomorrow and tallying everything up. It’s still pretty close as to who is getting the print copy, so it’ll be interesting to see who has the edge come tomorrow evening.

I’ll be declaring the winner on here and Facebook at 6pm tomorrow – so keep your eyes peeled.